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Mon Jun 06 2022


Have you ever considered writing for Wikipedia? Here, we provide you with all the details you need to know before you get started

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How to Write for Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most popular and authoritative sites in the world. Surprisingly, anyone can write for Wikipedia as long you're not blocked (IP address blocked or Wikipedia account blocked). Millions, if not billions, of people, visit Wikipedia as it is one of the highly trusted sources of information.

Therefore, writing for Wikipedia means writing articles or editing pages according to Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. And so, in this post, we will share how to write and edit Wikipedia and the importance of hiring a Wikipedia writing expert if you're a newbie. 

That said, let's get started!

How to Write and Edit on Wikipedia

Before you start writing an article for Wikipedia, there are several two key things that you need to ensure are ok first.

1.      Checking the notability of the topic

This is the first and the most important rule that you need to read and understand if you want to write for Wikipedia. So, please start by reading and understanding Wikipedia's notability requirements.

Notability, in this case, means the topic of an article has to be prominent enough to be credible. In simple terms, the topic must already be published in several reliable sources, such as:

·        Magazines

·        Peer-reviewed scholarly journals

·        Reputable websites

·        Newspapers

·        Major publishing houses,

·        Books

Generally, the information has to be from reputable print-based sources since your information has to be verifiable. These sources are essential in that you will have to include them as citations to your article. To learn more about this, you check out Wikipedia's guidelines on third-party sources and indiscrimination.

2.      Learn how to use Article Wizard

The second key factor to consider is knowing how to use Article Wizard properly and effectively.

Wikipedia Article Wizard is basically designed to provide an easy-to-use dashboard where you can create articles. It is not actually necessary to use, but it will help you create better articles.

Step-by-step process on how to edit or write for Wikipedia

The steps below will help you to write and publish an article on Wikipedia successfully.

Step 1: Creating Your Account

Start by creating your account, which you can use to practice writing and editing a Wikipedia article or page. Ideally, I will recommend that you try to do at least ten edits as practice before you even proceed to the writing phase.

Step 2: Notability Topic Research   

Checking the topic's notability will help you avoid the stress of your article getting rejected. It also helps you ensure that you are not writing on a topic that already exists in Wikipedia. If you discover that the topic is already covered, you can only choose to edit that article.

Step 3: Use Article Wizard to Create New Article.

With Article Wizard, you can easily create a draft and share it with your group. This allows you and your group to work on the same article harmoniously and deliver the best results possible.

Step 4: Add Citations and Relevant Links

Back up what you have written on your Wikipedia page with relevant links to helpful and credible sources. Also, don't forget to include citations of your sources, and as noted earlier, ensure the sources that you're using are reliable. 

Step 5: Publish the Article

When you are done writing and proofreading your article, the remaining thing will be to publish it. So, click on the blue "Publish Page" button, and your article will be sent to reviewing stage.

Why hire Wikipedia writers to write for Wikipedia on your behalf?

For you to write for Wikipedia, you need to be well-versed with all Wikipedia policies and guidelines related to writing, editing, and publishing a Wikipedia page. And so, if you're new in the game, then studying all these policies will be very difficult and time-consuming and might lead to many failures after all.

Wikipedia page writers are, therefore, experts that know how to write appealing, encyclopedic content that will get approved by Wikipedia. With their comprehensive familiarity with Wiki guidelines, they will complete your task without violating any rules or risking your account being blocked.

But besides this key reason, what else makes Wiki experts ideal to hire? Well, let's see!

·        Produce Premium Quality content: Of course, you need quality content published on your Wikipedia page. Therefore, the ideal choice to go with will be Wikipedia experts, as they are well-versed in this field.

·        Conduct Extensive Research: An experienced Wikipedia page creator knows the importance of having well-researched and cited content. In addition, their experience gives them the 'know-how' on how to get quality, reliable information.

·        They have valid Wikipedia accounts: It is essential to hire a Wikipedia page creator with active profile participation in Wikipedia. Actually, this is what most companies do. They hire a wiki expert under the condition that they have active profile participation, which means that they have a valid Wikipedia account.

·        They leave no room for errors: Wiki experts have done this work you're about to give them many times. Therefore, they know what they have to do to ensure zero errors and a successful review of your Wikipedia account. They will follow all the guidelines, write a quality article, use reliable sources, and proofread their work before submitting them for review.

Can anyone create a Wikipedia page in the main space?

No. According to Wikipedia restrictions, "Creation of new pages and articles in the main space is restricted to accounts that have reached autoconfirmed status (four days registered and at least ten edits)."

However, non-registered and non-confirmed users can use the Articles for Creation option to submit their proposed articles. These submitted articles will have to undergo review, and if given the green light, then and only then can they be published.

So, to improve the chances of getting your article published or accepted by Wikipedia, focus on three things, which are:

  • Uniqueness: ensure that the article or topic that you're writing does not already exist.
  • Quality: The article should be of a high-quality standard and free of any grammatical errors.
  • Notable topic: ensure the notability of the topic that you will write on.

Get ahead of your competitors and establish your brand’s authority with a Wikipedia page

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