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Sun Jul 17 2022


Here are the few but crucial facts everyone must know about Wikipedia, information on Wikipedia and also how to use wikipedia

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What should you know about Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia of fact-proven, peer-reviewed, trusted information about different topics. And so, since Wikipedia is a huge platform, there are some you need to know.

Basically, to conveniently use Wikipedia, you need to know several things you need to know about Wikipedia. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss two key things about Wikipedia, which are:

·        Wikipedia's reliability, and

·        Wikipedia features and tools

So, let's started!

What you need to know about Wikipedia

First, before we dive into discussing the above two elements, let's first familiarize ourselves with what Wikipedia is all about:

As noted, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia just like the "wikis" that came before it. And so, the content published in this encyclopedia can only be edited by volunteers, not the directly related individual or entity. This online information platform is openly collaborative and multilingual, featuring tens of thousands of editors. They can be just casual fans or experienced editors and administrators.

Since it is an open-ended platform, anyone who isn't blocked in any way can edit any Wikipedia page. You can delete, change or even expand information already published on any page.

Wikipedia's credibility is higher than most sight; as a result, it can be used to source relevant, credible information. Furthermore, anyone can use it as the starting point of their research, thanks to every page being backed by multiple reliable sources.

Now, with that said, jump right into the main topics of the day:

a)     How reliable is Wikipedia

Highly reliable, not 100%, though.

Even though we know there is zero corporate interest funding Wikipedia, it doesn't mean there is no room for errors. In fact, misinformation and personal bias are two errors that you can still find on several Wikipedia pages despite prudent Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

On some occasions, some information is specific and can be entirely false. Remember, we said anyone could edit Wikipedia s long as you have internet access and you are not blocked from editing a Wikipedia page. Therefore, means at a particular time, you can manipulate information on any page.

Of course, there are several protection measures that a page holder can take to protect a page from any form of vandalism. However, most pages are set in default edit protection mode, which means all users can edit them.

Furthermore, administrators cannot note all inaccuracies that might exist on each page in Wikipedia. This problem makes Wikipedia frowned upon as a legitimate source of information in several professional settings such as academia.

Even Wikipedia themselves has noted that we do not expect you to trust us! Surprising, right?

b)     Wikipedia features and tools

Wikipedia is a huge platform with a vast amount of traffic. Therefore, to handle this traffic well and ensure navigation on Wikipedia is easy, they have incorporated several tools into their platform.

Some of the incredible features and tools you can utilize when using includes things like:

·        Search Bar: The first thing you will see when you visit is the search bar icon which allows you to search any topic and see several articles related to your topic of interest.