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Fri May 20 2022


What are the different types of press releases? What tips must you put into consideration when looking to write a perfect press release for your business?

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Types Of Press Releases you need to in 2023

On this page, we are going to discuss the Types Of Press Releases you need to in 2023. A press release is one of the best tools a business can use to get the message out there to the public. From announcing the launch of a new product or making a public statement about the strategic changes in a company, choosing the best press release materials is the way to go. There are various types of press releases for your different marketing needs that you can use to meet your objectives.

And so, in today's article, we have provided a summary of some of the best types of press releases with examples to help you understand better the different options for making your public announcements.

Keep reading to find out the 8 types of press releases with examples.

Types of press releases

Before we get into the various types of press releases, it is important to note that the format of writing any press release doesn't differ. The key elements of a press release, such as the date, contact information, boilerplate, header, and subhead, are present in any press release, regardless of its purpose.

Check out these types of press releases to use for your announcements.

Our press release guidelines have also provided examples of press releases to help you visualize how different types of press releases should appear.

Let's begin!

1| Event Press Release

An event press release is created by a business to inform the public about a certain event that a business is planning to attend, offer sponsorship, or host. Usually, events that a company could potentially cover may include a charity event, community event or promotional event, and so on.

The main goal of an event press release is to create awareness among an audience, and it acts as an invitation for the media to attend and cover the stories of an event.

In an event press release, you should include answers to the following questions:

·        What is the event about?

·        When and where will it be hosted?

·        Who will be in attendance at the event?

·        How can the public attend the event?

In addition to these questions, a good press release should provide a solid reason as to why an event is worthy of attending. If you are looking for a great turnout, you have to really convince your audience and give them the urge that will make them not want to miss the event.

Using bullet points and bold fonts were necessary to emphasize the key attributes. Take a look at this example of an event press release below.


2| New Hire Press Release

New hire companies use a press release to announce changes in an organization's managerial positions.

A new hire press release focuses on the top executives' level and informs the general public, including the investors or customers, of the newly hired staff.

A new press release announcement is important for your business as it helps build your brand's credibility and trust. To ensure your announcement is newsworthy, your newly hired staff should win stakeholders' hearts and be someone who fits your company's executive roles.

A new hire press release should address the following:

·        What made the new hire stand out from the other candidates?

·        What previous companies did the new hire work for?

·        The career achievements of the new hire.

·        Discuss the key roles and responsibilities of the new hire.

·        A quote that describes the personality of the new hire.

·        Explain how the new hire will contribute towards benefiting the stakeholders.

Here is an example of a new hire press release;

3| Book Press Release

A book press release is a special announcement about the launch of a new book providing important details that will interest the attention of the media covering it. The objective of a book press release is to convince the media that a specific book is awesome and newsworthy.

A newsworthy book may have the following characteristics;

·        A reputable award that was won.

·        Covers interesting and the most trending topics in the world.

·        Endorsed by highly prolific figures such as celebrities.

When writing a book press release, the following should be observed:

·        A book press release should contain a summary of statements describing a book and why it is useful.

·        Quotes that will be eye-catching and grab the attention of readers. These quotes can be from book reviews, influencers, or celebrities.

·        A high-resolution picture of the book and the places it is available for sale.

·        A statement that describes the bio of the author and his/her credibility.

Here is an example of a book press release;

4| New Business Press Release

A new business press release is an official statement from a company announcing the opening or the launching of a new business venture. This press release should be clear and state why the opening of the new venture is newsworthy.

 Here are some of the reasons an opening of a new venture might be newsworthy:

·        Why the new venture stands out from its competitors?

·        Location of the new venture.

·        The products and services offered by the new venture.

·        How is the new business opening?

·        Date of opening the new business.

·        Quotes that will add a human touch and showcase the goals and visions of a company.

Generally, a new business press release should convince the readers why the new venture will be beneficial and unique to its customers.

In addition, when writing a new business press release, you should include the hyperlink on your company's name so that the readers can easily get more information upon clicking the link.

Check out this press release template.

5| Award Press Release

An award press release is one type of press release that is meant to showcase the accomplishments of a business and get the media to cover the story.

In most cases, awards won by companies or organizations are not usually shared with the public or the media. However, if you want your audience to know your business accomplishments, then you have to advertise yourself using an award press release.

An award press release should include the following information:

·        An introduction part that shows when the award was won.

·        Explain the reason why an award was won, and it's objective.

·        Should explain what the award means to the company and how it will be helpful in accomplishing your goals.

·        Quotes from top-level executives in your company or the organization that offered the award help stress the importance of winning the award.

6| Rebranding Press Release

What happens when a company wants to inform the public about changing its brand? Well, a rebranding press release is an official statement announcing a company's corporate image change.

Although many people may find change to be unsettling, it is worthwhile to inform the public about this important change to avoid conflicts and ensure the company continues to perform as usual.

Therefore, when writing a rebranding press release, the following is what you should look for to convince your audience why your company opted for rebranding/ image change:

·        Write a very compelling story that outlines why there was a need for rebranding.

·        Write a positive statement that creates excitement and a positive outlook about the rebranding process.

·        Explain why rebranding will be beneficial to your business and the customers as well.

·        Be clear about your company's goals and visions regarding the new brand.

Here is an example of a rebranding press release:

7| Partnership Press Release

For months now, you have been negotiating a deal that will see you get a new partnership with other companies, and finally, you nailed it. You have agreed to terms and conditions that will benefit you and your customers. What's the best way to announce your new partnership?

A partnership press release is the best way to make an official statement about your new partnership. The main goal of a partnership press release is to enlighten your loyal customers about the new changes.

When writing a partnership press release, you will have to write a press release that will appeal to both partners considering each partner has its own relationship with its audience. 

A partnership press release should include the following:

·        Communicate with your customers and tell them precisely what they want to hear or expect.

·        Explain how your partnership will be important to your company's agenda and vision.

·        Discuss why the partnership is important and what it means for both parties.

·        Write to excite your stakeholders, who could potentially bring more investors to your business.

·        A partnership press release can also show the services or new features that are available to the customers.

Here is an example of a partnership press release;

8| Product Press Release

One of the many types of press releases is a product press release. A product press release is an official statement from a company to announce the launch of a certain product that is about to enter the market.

The main goal of a product press release is to inform the customers of a new product and show them how it can be useful to them.

So, what should you include in a product press release to make it newsworthy? Check out these product press release guidelines:

·        Discuss why the new product is unique from the existing ones in the market.

·        You should highlight all the new features of the product.

·        Include the benefits and the importance of the new product.

·        Give a reason(s) why the product can be a game-changer to a particular problem.

In addition to these press release guidelines, you can add a discount code that will allow your customers to purchase the product at a discount when the product is launched.

Adding a promotional/discount code will help you to monitor how many customers are purchasing by taking advantage of the promotional offer.

Take a look at this product press release example:

Press release FAQs

Now that we have taken a look at;

·        Some of the different types of press releases.

·        Various press release guidelines.

·        And the press release templates for several releases.

Let's dive into some of the frequently asked press release questions.

Question 1| How long should a Press Release be?

Basically, the maximum length of a press release should be around 350 words to 550 words. Here is the thing, if your press release is longer (let's say over 550 characters), the chances that it will be picked, read, or even republished are reduced.

Therefore, if you want your press release to be noticed by a journalist quickly, I suggest you keep it short (not too short to avoid leaving out important detail). Be precise and maintain your word count around 350 to 550 words.

A precise yet informative press release is better at being picked up easily on search engines and possibly used to fill a section in a magazine or newspaper.

Question 2| what is the perfect number of links or hyperlinks in a press release?

The recommended number of links in a press release is between 3 to 4 links. Using more than 4 links in a press release doesn't really look great and may appear to be spam in search engines.

Question 3| What is the perfect day of the week to distribute a press release?

This is one of the most common and interesting questions about press releases. The best recommend days to distribute a press release are between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

In the business world, including journalists, many people will mentally switch off on Friday, and a Monday is used to recap the duties that were left pending in the previous week.

Sending a press release over the weekend is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because most individuals would only prefer to work on weekdays and use weekends to be off duties and do other things unrelated to work.

Question 4| Should I include images in my press release?

The answer to this is definitely YES! Adding images to your press release is totally great and suitable. Also, if you can squeeze in a link to a useful video, that will be a huge plus for you.

This is why it's important to include images: Most humans are visual beings who understand things better if they are explained using an image or a video. Another reason is that visuals in your press release can make your work look more interesting and catch anyone's attention.

A press release with images will increase readability compared to one with only text.

Question 5| Do Press release companies guarantee publication?

Well, the answer is Yes and No. Remember, the key to getting your press release published by journalists is to write relevant and newsworthy content.

Before a press release is published, it goes through a lot of scrutinies from the associated press companies, editors, and journalists before it is considered newsworthy. If they see it fit for publication, you will be contacted to cross-check the details in your press release before it goes public.

Also, you might receive emails from a press release company with links to all the sites where your press release has been posted.

In some cases, journalists or bloggers may post your press release to some part of an important blog if deemed newsworthy.

Read: Some of the common blog and press release writing mistakes you should avoid

Question 6| What tips for finding the best press release company?

If you are a starter in the press release business, consider the following tips to help you identify the best press release company.

·        For how long has a press release company been operating?

·        Does the press release company have any ratings?

·        Does the press release company have customer services that work?

·        Can you possibly find the press release services of a company online?

·        Does the company have an address and a phone number linked to its website?

When searching for a good press release company with reputable results, these are a few key points to look out for when searching for a good press release company.

Question 7| What are the different types of press releases?

The most common types of press releases, as highlighted in this article, are:

·        Event Press Release.

·        New Hire Press Release.

·        Book Press Release.

·        New Business Press Release.

·        Award Press Release.

·        Rebranding Press Release.

·        Partnership Press Release.

·        Product Press Release.


This marks the end of this article on the "8 types of press releases with examples". I hope you find this helpful information, especially when deciding which type of press release to use when addressing your marketing needs.

Also, check the specific press release guidelines and templates shared in this post to help you know what to look for when creating a press release.

Otherwise, good luck when creating your press releases! 

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