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Sun Jul 17 2022


Notability is a key component in getting your Wikipedia page approved, and hence, the need to learn must-have tips to boost your notability for Wikipedia approval

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Ways to increase notability for Wikipedia Approval

Notability refers to a situation where the topic has "significant coverage" from mainly "reliable sources" that are "independent" of the topic. This is a definition according to Wikipedia, and it is also known as Wikipedia's "Golden Rule."

And so, so the big question that most people ask is; How can I increase the notability of my topic for Wikipedia?

Well, the answer to that is quite straightforward: ensure your topic has been published in reliable, independent sources. The coverage should also be significant to meet Wikipedia guidelines of enough reliable sources.

To help you with this, we will discuss several ways you can increase your topic's notability (company, brand, product, or service).

Effective Ways to increase notability for Wikipedia

1.     Work with a journalist from relevant notable sites to publish information about your brand

This step is not ideal but can improve your notability to a great extent. All you need to ensure is that the final results (what gets published) have a minimal contribution from you. This means you share data, not written information, and give them full freedom to research and analyze data independently. This will allow them to create a well-reviewed and critical copy that only contains facts, not just comments from you or your brands.

This step is influential because it might lead to your topic gaining traction, thus stimulating another notable site to write about it. If this happens, your need for significant coverage is being met naturally.

Basically, your goal here is just to create awareness and let relevant sources do their job.

2.     Publish your PR articles on notable sites

Publishing PR articles on notable sites is another impactful way to improve your topic's notability. This strategy has several benefits, such as increased exposure and credibility, impacting your notability.

Public Relations articles are some of the most important and valuable sources of information for major news sites. This is simply because PR articles carry useful information that is directly from the company, meaning they are proven sources of information.

Furthermore, publishing a PR article on a couple of notable sites might ignite traction for your topic. And as noted earlier, this will probably lead to several notables' sites jumping too to research, write and publish about your topic.

Remember, you have to choose a notable site that fits your topic. For example, if your topic is medical-related, the sites like The New York Times won't fit your fit in. This means you will need to look for medical-related journals that feature peer review for them to meet Wikipedia's category notability guidelines.

3.     You can work with the Wikipedia writing agency

Working with Wikipedia-related agencies, such as Wiki Page creators, can help you improve your notability.

In fact, working with an agency means working with Wikipedia experts who are well-versed in Wikipedia policies and guidelines. These experts know how to create a Wikipedia account/page, what to do to get Wikipedia approval, and many other essential processes.

There are many benefits Wikipedia editors or experts will deliver if you choose to work with an agency. And regarding this topic, they can help publish your PR articles on notable pages. This is because most agencies have good relationships with most notable sites. This means they easily reach out to them on your behalf and help build several copies related to your topic. Through this, you can enhance your notability without going against any rules.

Key factors to note when improving your notabilities

Well, enhancing your notability can be quite straightforward. However, there are three key principles that you need to consider, which include:

·        Significant coverage

·        Reliable sources

·        Independent sources

I know we have already touched on these principles, but do you have enough understanding of what each of these principles means?

Well, let's take a look:

a)     Significant coverage

When it comes to 'significant coverage,' you will focus on two things; the number of reliable sources covering your topic and the extent of coverage.

So, for your topic to meet the "significant coverage" rule, it must have been covered by several relevant sites. Furthermore, the coverage should be in-depth, not just a couple of mentions.

b)     Reliable sources

For this principle to be met, your topic must have been published on trusted sites.

But what or which are trusted sites? You may ask!

Trusted sources are the ones that have editorial power over all the content they publish and are known o be reliable sources. These are sites/sources that have peer reviews that review all their contents before publishing them.

Examples of these sources are:

·        The Wall Street Journal

·        The New York Times

·        The USA Today

However, it is important to note that the topic dictates what a reliable source is. So, keep that in mind!

c)     Independent sources

Independent is s factor that is considered for Wikipedia's integrity. This is why self-published content is not used to measure a topic's notability, even if it is from a reliable source. You're only allowed to add a self-published site as one of your sources when addressing things like location. Otherwise, they aren't useful when checking your notability.

Final Thought

Notability is a very direct but vast topic that needs deeper understanding to be able to write and successfully publish a Wikipedia article. So, be sure to read more on this topic to be well informed.

If you don't know how to check your notability, you can check out our post on "How Do You Check Your Notability."


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