Terms and Conditions

Wiki Pages Creator Terms and Conditions

By choosing to use our 'website,' you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

  • If "you" are under the legal age of consent with respect to "your" region, please do not use "our" website or services.
  • You acknowledge and agree that you MUST be of legal age to buy and use any of our "products" and services provided on this "website" or otherwise.
  • By submitting an order and/or payments, "you" are acknowledging the fact that you have read through our terms and conditions and understood them fully.
  • By submitting an order and/or payment, "you" agree to be legally bound by "our" terms and conditions, which form the entire agreement between "you" and Wiki Pages Creator.

Definition of Terms

  • "Website" means all the online content posted on Wiki Pages Creator's website pages.
  • "You," "Yours," or "Customer" refers to you and/or any other individual placing an order to wikipagescreator.com on your behalf.
  • "We," "Our," or "Company" refers to wikipagescreator.com, a company that provides Wikipedia writing/editing, among other Wikipedia services.
  • "Products" refers to all the services and products offered by wikipagescreator.com to a client in relevance to his/her order.
  • "Order" refers to arrangements made by a customer through phone or email to purchase services and/or products provided by wikipagescreator.com. All orders are confirmed by making a down payment via credit card, cash receipt, check, Western Union, PayPal, or bank wire transfer.

Our Services

By placing an "order" and /or payment, "you" are purchasing the product for "your" use only.

All our "products" are done by writers who transferred all rights and ownership concerning the products to our "company."

All the "products" are refundable under conditions and come with no warranties, expressed or implied.

It is 'your" duty to read carefully "our" Terms and Conditions before placing any "order" and/or payment to our "website."

Wikipedia Creation or Editing

A customer's Wikipedia order will begin once you provide a filled questionnaire that shows you are notable for a Wikipedia page.

A page will only be published if a customer is notable, and until you provide proof of notability, your Wikipedia page will not be processed.

Refund Policy

It is crucial that you thoroughly read and understand our company's refund policy.

Wiki Pages Creator offers 100% refunds for non-deliveries upon the service agreed upon.

Under the following circumstances, a customer will NOT be eligible for any reimbursements.

  • If your page cannot be published due to lack of notability.
  • If you were not 100% transparent when giving information about any prior attempts to create a Wikipedia page.
  • If you change your mind about purchasing a service/product for some reason.
  • If any information you want to be on your page doesn't adhere to Wikipedia guidelines.
  • If you are banned by Wikipedia due to previous attempts to create a Wikipedia page.
  • If your page is taken down for some reason after 14 days of the page going online on Wikipedia.
  • If you request edits that don't comply with Wikipedia guidelines.

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