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Fri Jul 08 2022


The blog highlights the benefits of publishing PR articles to notable sites for yourself or even your brand. Brand exposure through online marketing is today's way of life for almost every scalable business.

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What are the benefits of publishing PR Articles?

Brand exposure through online marketing is today's way of life for almost every scalable business. Luckily, there are a ton of online communication mediums that you can utilize to market your brand, products, and services. These mediums include things like social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), press releases, website content (i.e., articles & blog posts), press releases, and public relations articles.

Press releases and public relations articles are some of the oldest yet most influential mediums, even in the modern era. However, to get the best out of PR articles, you will need to publish them on various notable sites to best their exposure and brand credibility.

And so, in this post, we will discuss the following:

·        The reasons why you should publish PR articles on notable sites

·        Benefits of publishing them on notable sites, and

·        Which site to publish your PR articles on.

Reasons why you should publish PR articles on notable sites

1.     To capitalize on the Notable site's strong online credibility

Notable sites hold huge credibility in the online space that most brands are trying and fighting hard to build their reputation. Therefore, utilizing these sites' credibility is essential if you're to win the battle against your competitors.

Remember, credibility is a valuable asset that helps a lot in converting your visitors or audience into customers. Credibility gives them faith in you or your brand that you will actually deliver on what you're selling.

Credibility helps win your audience's hearts and minds as they have no reason to worry about your services or products.

2.     Increase your exposure  

To reach out to your current audience and other potential customers out there, you will need to maximize your PR articles' reach. Therefore, to do so, you will have to utilize several communication mediums, which will involve using notable sites.

Publishing your PR articles on these sites is an easy and more effective way of enhancing your exposure. This is simply because most notable sites have a vast amount of audience that visits their sites daily. Therefore, tupping on this unreached potential audience will definitely result in a new audience and subscribers. 

Keep in mind that the main goal of using a web PR is to not only respond to and engage current customers but also to attract new potential customers.

3.     Notable sites hold massive online presence

Online presence is another key feature that most brands are fighting for nowadays. This is simply because online presence comes with a ton of benefits. And so, if your brand is here for the long term, then credibility and exposure aren't enough to keep you at the top. Therefore, publishing your PR articles on notable sites will definitely boost your online presence.

Online presence is special in a way that it influences both your credibility and exposure in a positive way. To understand this clearly, let's look at some of the benefits of an online presence.

Advantages of online presence to your business

ü Enhance reach to a larger audience

ü Create trust among consumers as they become more comfortable interacting with your brand or company.

ü Helps in enhancing your brand's profile by delivering what you promise. Delivering as promised results in increased 5-star reviews on your online company profile. And so, if a person visits your profile and sees lots of better reviews, then they will highly and likely transact with you.

ü Increase accessibility thanks to readily available information online that will help your customers and potential customers reach out to you.

ü Free advertising – online presence ad more than it takes away. Therefore, this doesn't mean it costs zero to have a company profile online. 

NOTE: We must note that having a great online presence also comes with its disadvantages. This includes downsides like an increase in spam, a rise in competition, bad reviews, and downtime (i.e. if your site crashes or slows down).

4.     If you're looking to create a Wikipedia account for your brand

Well, this might seem a bit lame reason but trust me, it is a very important point to take note of. This point is essential, more so if you haven't created a Wikipedia account for your brand.

Why important? You may ask.

Well, one of the key eligibility requirements is to be able to create a Wikipedia account if your brand should be notable. Therefore, one way to increase your brand's notability is by publishing your PR articles on notable sites.

Furthermore, the Wikipedia account greatly impacts the other three points we have mentioned above.

What are the benefits of publishing PR articles on notable sites?

Like using other communication mediums, publishing your PR articles on notable sites also comes with its unique benefits, which include: 

1.     Stimulates demand and Creates more leads

If you're looking to create an apparent increase in service subscriptions or product sales, publishing your PR articles on a notable site will do that. This is simple science; more exposure equals to increase in sales and subscriptions.

A quality PR post in a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV news will create enough buzz to boost sales within the shortest time possible. However, you will need to find the right shows, newspapers, or sites to publish your articles if you are looking to maximize your results.   

If you are having a problem finding the right sites, you can approach a PR distribution agency like wiki pages creator to help with that.

2.     Enhances brand's reputation (Credibility)

People have a lot of freedom to say what they want about any business in the current online world. Sadly, you can only do little about it regardless of whether their comments are true or not. In fact, almost every company has received a bad reputation online without doing anything wrong to deserve it. Also, some brands are struggling to reach out to their target or potential audience and their intended markets.

Luckily brand awareness can help solve both of these issues. All you need proper PR strategies and to utilize the right communication channels. Basically, publishing your PR articles on a notable site will be the ideal way to go. However, you need to know which sites are suited to your brand or the message you're planning to share. Furthermore, you also need to know the right time to get your PR article published so as to gain maximum attention.

3.     Help increase your brand's notability

How well-known is your brand in the online space? Very, moderately or poorly notable? Well, regardless of the answer, value notability.

Notability is a key factor that effectively influences other factors such as credibility and online presence. Remember, an excellent online presence doesn't quantify good notability. This is simply because you might have a decent online presence, but it mainly comes from less notable sites and online forums. However, when you have more presence on notable sites, then your brand becomes more notable and reputable.  

PR articles are considered to be valuable and informative, so publishing them on notable sites will directly impact your notability.

4.     Reinforces the brand's image

Public relations articles can also be used in brand reinforcement. In fact, PR articles play a major role in creating new relationships or maintaining existing relationships with key audiences. This will, in turn, help build a strong image for your brand.

Brand image is a valuable asset that most brands nowadays try to build and maintain at all costs. This is simply because it helps businesses operate a successful business. Brand image also helps a company during a crisis.

What are some of the best Notable Sites where you can publish your PR Article?

Now that you know why you should publish your public relations articles on notable sites, what are the best sites to use?

Well, here is a list of some of the best sites that wikipagescreator.com can help you publish your PR articles in:

Major Newspapers

§ Los Angeles Times

§ Chicago Tribune

§ Wall Street Journal

§ Detroit Free press

Stock Exchanges Broadcast Outlets

§ New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

§ Nasdaq

§ OTCMarkets


§ AIG Funds

Major News Sites

§ Associated Press


§ Market Watch

§ Google News

§ Yahoo Finance

§ Big charts

Financial Data Providers / Platforms

§ Bloomberg

§ LexisNexis


§ Factiva

§ Comtext

§ Dowjones

§ Benzinga

Financial Institutions and Brokers

§ Ally

§ BMO InvestoreLine



§ Scotia iTRADE

NOTE: These are just a few of the distribution or broadcast outlets used by Wiki Pages Creator to share PR articles for their clients. If you want to know more, be sure to reach out to them for further information.

Final Thoughts

Notability is one of the key statutes that will define whether you can have a chance or not to create a Wikipedia page. As we noted earlier, the Wikipedia page creates a ton of benefits to a brand, thus making it very instrumental.

And so, if you're looking to improve your notability status using PR articles, you can work find the best PR agency to help you with that. 

Get ahead of your competitors and establish your brand’s authority with a Wikipedia page

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