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Mon May 23 2022


Having a Wikipedia page is a crucial aspect of promoting your brand hence, Wiki Pages Creator highlights some of the reasons why you should consider making a Wikipedia page for your brand.

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Why do you need to make a Wikipedia?

Hey, have you ever wondered what the benefits of having Wikipedia are? Or why do people really need to make a Wikipedia page for themselves or brands? Almost every brand or notable individual has a Wikipedia page, which is simply because of its superior benefits. From building credibility, enhancing digital presence and reputation to marketing, the Wikipedia page has it all. So, what’s there not to like about Wikipedia, honestly?

Let’s dig deep and see how Wikipedia can be beneficial to you, particularly if you are looking to expand your business online. But before we do that, let’s first start by defining what a Wikipedia page is:

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a unique tool and an online encyclopedia that can be used to scale up a business, create awareness, teach, or even be used for prestige purposes. And so, it doesn’t really matter what your intentions are, get a wiki page for you or your business and see how your brand’s name will be promoted effectively online.

Reasons why do you need to make a Wikipedia:

1.      Boost traffic to your sites/business

Currently, many businesses use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to drive torrents of traffic, which generally boosts sales and overall revenue. The big question is: Should you utilize Wikipedia to drive traffic and improve sales for your business?

Definitely YES! Here’s why: Wikipedia can be of great use to market your business brand, attract customers and generate a lot of leads when utilized efficiently.

2.      Improves your brand’s exposure, credibility, and reputation

Wikipedia can help you keep and maintain your online reputation, and improve the exposure, and credibility of your business in the most competitive and crowded markets.

It is important to note that more than 81% of consumers perform an online search for a product or a service before actually making a purchase. This is where Wikipedia comes in. Having a wiki page can be helpful to convince your potential clients why they should acquire a product or a service from your company.

3.      It helps build trust for your brand

On the contrary, not having a wiki page puts a negative impression on your company. It shows that your business is not notable to the public or not trustworthy. Having a Wikipedia page will help you to build trust and improve the popularity of your business. Wikipedia can build immense popularity and trust of an individual or an organization. Therefore, uploading information about products or services you offer on your wiki page is crucial for the growth of your business brand.

4.      Boost your site’s SEO rankings

Owning a wiki page will enhance your SEO appearance simply because Google treats Wikipedia as an important and trusted source. Being linked with Wikipedia can thus get you an instant step up in the SERP rankings.

5.      Improves your brand’s/site’s visibility

Another important reason why you should have a wiki page is Wikipedia will enhance the visibility of your business or organization on the web. How so? The reason is, that Wikipedia comes as the leading search result on 56% of the entire Google searches and more. In other words, Wikipedia is the number 1 search result in more than half of the searches conducted on Google. Do you see the point now? The more your business is visible on the web, the better your conversions and sales will be.

How to make the most of Wikipedia for your business

Notability of your business

Your business will become a success if it’s notable to the market. This means that your business should be well recognized for its products, services, goals, and innovation. Before creating a Wikipedia page, the first thing you want to do is to check the Wikipedia policies regarding notability.

Notability can be an obstacle for small, uprising businesses that don’t have as much exposure. Occasionally, Wikipedia editors may opt to merge less notable small business wiki pages with existing articles that are quite notable.

Here are some tips for getting a business wiki page notable: (

1.      Using Citation- In an event where your business gets to be talked about or mentioned on articles, popular sites, in media sites, books, press releases, or social media platforms that are not owned or run by your organization, you can basically add these citations to your business Wiki pages. The citations added to your wiki page must be credible and trustworthy. For instance, citations from national-level news are considered to be note-worthy and authentic.

2.      Using Achievements- The quickest way to get the notability of a business wiki page is to showcase the achievements a business has made. This includes awards won or coverage made on the news about innovation initiatives for your business, and this is worth mentioning on your business Wikipedia page.

To sum it up

Now that you know and understand the importance of having a Wikipedia page for your business or organization take that step and create a Wiki page to boost your company’s brand. Remember to follow all the Wikipedia guidelines.

Are you worrying about whether you are good enough to create your own Wikipedia page? You don’t have to stress anymore; hire us, Wiki Pages Creator, as we have a pool of designated professionals who are more than willing to help see your business achieve the utmost success in the most creative and efficient manner.





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