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Fri May 13 2022


An elaborate guideline on how to REGISTER FOR A WIKIPEDIA ACCOUNT while avoiding getting your Wikipedia account blocked

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A Guide On How To Register For A Wikipedia Account

Hey, are you looking to be part of the Wikipedia family, where you can create or edit Wikipedia pages and articles? If so, then this guide will simply show you how to register for a Wikipedia account – step by step.

Having a Wikipedia account comes with several pros, such as being anonymous when editing a Wikipedia page, among many other benefits. Creating or registering a Wikipedia account is quite easy than you think. In fact, it only takes about a minute or two to create a Wikipedia account, and this guide will simply help you do this and avoid Wikipedia blocks.

And so, let's get started.

6 Steps to Successfully Register for A Wikipedia Account

Step 1: After opening the Wikipedia website, click 'Create account

On the upper right corner of the Wikipedia website, click 'Create account' to start the registration process.

Step 2: In the 'Username' box, enter your desired username

Remember, this will be the name of your account that will be used as part of your login details. So, use something you can easily remember. If the username is already taken, you can simply make some adjustments, like adding another name or letter to it.

Remember do NOT use a username that:

  • impersonates admin,
  • promotes another business, or
  • is vandal.

Step 3: Enter your Password

After you're done entering your desired username, now it's time to enter your password. And so, in the "Password" box, type in your desired password.

Make sure:

  • You confirm your password by retyping it in the "Confirm Password" box.
  • The password you plan to use is something you can remember but also not one that anyone can easily guess. Ideally, it is usually recommended to use a password not closely related to your name or username.

Step 4: Enter an Email Address

Now type your desired email address in the 'Email address box. Providing an email address is essential in that it helps you recover your account in case you forget or lose the password.

Step 5: Type the captcha

Below the Email address box, you can see the security Captcha box that you will need to type to prove you're not a robot. Wikipedia basically designed this to prevent computer automated programs from registering (signing up) Wikipedia accounts.

Step 6: Click the 'Create your account button

After you're done filling in all the required details, you can now finish your registration by simply clicking the 'Create your account button below the 'captcha' box.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Wikipedia Accounts and pages

Q1: Does Wikipedia show emails used for account creation to the public?

No, Wikipedia considers email as part of your personal details and will not show it to the public. Furthermore, your email will only be used to send you updates on your account edits or reset your password. 


Q 2: What's the importance of creating a Wikipedia account?

Unless you choose to, it is not actually necessary that you create a Wikipedia account. However, if you do, here are some of the benefits:

  • You can have a Watch list
  • Advanced Wikipedia editing tools
  • You will be able to move pages
  • Uploading images to Wikimedia commons
  • You will stay anonymous when editing a Wikipedia page or article. Keep in mind that if you edit Wikipedia without logging in to your account, then your IP address will be publicly displayed among editors.
  • You can create your personal talk page
  • Easy to edit semi-protected pages

Q3: What should I do if my email is rejected during registration?

Well, the option is to create an email address with popular email providers, such as Google and Yahoo. This is simply because Wikipedia usually allows or works best with popular email address providers.

Q 4: Why is my Wikipedia page not shown on Google?

It takes about 90 days for a new Wikipedia page to be indexed. This reason, specifically, is the main reason why most Wikipedia articles take time to show up on Google search engine results. So, don't worry because once your Wikipedia page is indexed on Google, it will definitely show up.

Q 5: How long does it take for a Wikipedia page to show up on Google?

Keep in mind that Wikipedia receives thousands of entries every day. Therefore, the approval process may take time, which means your page may end up taking 3-6 months to show up.  

Q 6: Can Wikipedia block your account?

Yes, it can and this may be due to many reasons discussed here.

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