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Fri May 13 2022


Learn how to get articles written about your business that can transform traffic into traffic. Besides, the article outlines the things one should consider

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Business Articles: How To Get Articles Written About Your Business

Are you struggling to develop ideas to help improve your business articles or blog? Read our blog, How To Get Articles Written About Your Business. The common challenges that most business article writers face in writing business articles are; choosing a suitable structure and finding the right sources for their content.

For a valid reason, most people don't bother to read business-related news because of the notion of numbers and numerical calculations involved. For this reason, many people get scared when they hear they are going to deal with figures, whether in school or the business world.

However, writing about business stories in your business articles or business blogs shouldn't be boring. You can either learn how to write or hire talented business article writers to help you out. Basically, you can learn to use simple words to break down the complex phrases used in the business world into something that anyone can read easily.

In today's article, I'll take you through the following:

  • What is a business article?
  • How to write business articles?
  • What is the importance of business articles?
  • 10 mistakes to avoid when writing business articles.

And so, let's begin!

What is an article on business?

A business article; is any content written by a writer to share information about a business. When writing business articles, you can talk about the following topics:

  • Business ideas.
  • Strategies to use in investments.
  • Recent business news.
  • The best companies to invest in, and so on.

Other than writing business articles, a writer can share business information through; business blogs, newsletters, magazines, flyers, etc.

The writing styles of business content will dictate whether it's going to be a business blog, an article, a flyer, or a newsletter. For example, when writing a flyer, the aim is to sell a business idea very fast as opposed to a business article or a brochure, where you have the luxury to write more about a business.

How to write business articles?

As said before, writing business articles can be challenging if you don't have a good strategy and reliable sources of information to back up your business stories. Nonetheless, I have some good news for you. I'll show you how to write exceptional business articles by following simple guidelines.

So, what is the secret behind writing business articles that will wow your readers? Let's look at how to get articles written about your business.

5 Steps to Help You get articles written about your business

These ideas will help you write business stories that are appealing and interesting to your readers. And so, without further ado, these are the 5 steps to help you write business articles and business blogs that sell:

1. PREPARE: Understand what your audience will be expecting from you

Like any other exercise that needs preparation, business writing also needs preparation. And so, as a writer, you must be prepared and understand what your audience expects from you.

For you to be prepared fully, ask yourself the following questions. They will give you an overall idea of what to expect:

Who is my target audience?

Before you start writing a business article, establish who your audience is. Find out if you are targeting to reach out to businesses or just the general public (individuals). Your audience will affect your writing style. For example, when writing to individuals, you will want to focus on communicating with them in a personal and conversational manner to get them to buy a product. On the other side, when writing business articles for businesses and companies, you have to be more informative and demonstrate your expertise in the business world.

Regardless of your audience, every content that you create needs to be readable easily and, at the same time, informative. The reader should understand what you are talking about in your business articles in less than 10 minutes.

What keywords will my customers look for?

Do some research on the business topics you want to write about and find out what phrases and keywords your audience will probably be looking for. This will help you prepare content for your business articles based on those keywords.

Not only will the keywords boost your SEO, but also you will be addressing most queries of your audience. Use the keywords in the text and the headings and subheadings of your business articles.

What formats and writing styles should I use in my business article?

Once you establish your target audience, you can decide what formats and writing styles to use. Also, you can read through websites that post business-related content and observe the formats and styles used in writing.

Business articles or blogs should contain information to help an audience understand a certain business or investment. Treat your audience as newbies and write content to enlighten them about a business idea.

2. RESEARCH: Analyze your sources and extract useful information for your business articles

Research is the most important part of sourcing content for your business articles. As you research, focus on the topics and the keywords you want to use in your articles. This should be your guide to help you find relevant information for the topics you aim to write on. So, as you surf the internet, look for similar articles suggested by Google or any search engine used.

Also, keep the following in mind while researching for information to use. These tips will help you stay relevant and accurate in your content.

a. Use current/Updated sources;

Make use of the most recent and updated sources for your content. Using information sources that are not more than three years old is recommended. Using current information is important because it helps you stay relevant and provide unbiased content.

 b. Look for credible sources;

For your information sources, use websites that are reliable and trustworthy. In addition, look for business blogs that are published by companies with good reputations in the business industry.

c. Give credit;

Acknowledge your sources by putting their links in your article. The fact that you didn't invent an idea or some valuable information, it is important to give credit to the people behind it.

d. Use statistical data;

If any, use statistical data to back up your business stories where necessary. Look for updated data for businesses or images relevant to your content.

e. Read a couple of articles;

When writing business stories for your articles, read at least 5 credible sources. This will help you compare information and choose what suits you best for your writing.

f. Use quotes;

Add useful and genuine quotes from a company or a trusted individual in your business articles. Using quotes will help to convince your readers that your content is genuine and relevant.

g. Highlight your key points;

Let's say you're researching a certain topic, and you come across a perfect point for your article; you must highlight it.

Highlighting a key point will help you locate a specific thing easily. This will save you time rather than reading through an entire article again, trying to find something you had seen minutes earlier. When you are done with your research and have gathered relevant sources, it's time to go to the next step.

3. STRUCTURE: Draft a clear structure to help you write your research and thoughts

By the time you are done researching for information, you should have established the right sources for your content (at least 3 to 5 articles). Now that you have the relevant information, open a Word document in Microsoft Word and draft a skeleton for your work.

The draft of your business article should include the following;

  • The main topic should be the main heading of the article.
  • Bullet points of main takeaways.
  • Highlight briefly the information that you will include in the different sections.
  • The conclusion section.

Having a draft for your article will guide you on how the points will be shared throughout your writing. For instance, if you're writing a 1500 words article, you can allocate 150 words to your opening section. Locate 1200-1300 words for your main body and 100 words for your conclusion part.

You can improve your word selection once you start to write. As you will notice, certain topics may require a deep explanation as compared to others. In this case, explain your points using various subheadings to reduce complications.

Structuring your business article can take up to 30 minutes. Once you're done drafting your article, you are ready for the next step.

4. WRITING: It's time to start writing (don't edit here)

At this point, you are already halfway through the process. It is now time you write your thoughts and put those brilliant ideas on paper.

As you write, it is important to use your reference documents. Remember when we said, "use at least 3 to 5 articles" it is time to keep that in mind. Don't copy-paste information from your reference points, be careful about that.

Make sure to maintain the flow of your sentences and keep a good transition as you switch from one paragraph to the other. When writing, keep it simple, and smooth, and be focused on your main points to avoid going off-topic.

Bonus tips when writing business articles;

a. Share the purpose of the business article in your opening paragraph;

Write a very engaging first paragraph to indicate the main question that will be addressed in the article. The opening paragraph should clearly state the aim of your writing and give readers a reason to stay on your page.

Here is an example of an opening paragraph: "Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own business? Do you have questions on what businesses you should start? Worry no more. In today's post about business, I'll be sharing 10 business ideas that every entrepreneur should aim for."

b. Use keywords;

Make use of keywords when writing your business stories. Where applicable, place the right keywords and phrases in your article, including the opening paragraph. Also, use keywords in your subheadings. As you create your content, maintain a repetition of at least 2 to 5 keywords in every 300 to 400 words you write.

c. Use both internal and external links;

When writing articles, include 2 to 4 hyperlinks to other articles that are published on reputed sites. You can as well add links from your website. When adding links, add hyperlinks within a text that will guide your readers to other relevant websites.

d. Urge your audience to take action;

At the end of your writing, add a closing paragraph that will express your final thoughts and encourage the readers to act towards something. For example, you could urge readers to sign up for a newsletter or sign up for freebies such as eBooks. You can as well tell them to leave feedback regarding the article or their experiences in life in the comment section.

e. Use active voice;

When writing content for all your articles (not just business articles), make it a habit of using an active voice. Reduce using passive voice in your sentences.

f. Use either U.S English or U.K English;

Depending on where you are targeting an audience, use either U.S. or U.K based English. Writing an article is pretty fun once you have all the points to write about. When you finish writing your piece, head on to the final step.

5. EDITING: The last and most crucial part of your writing process

The way you would not leave your house with unpolished shoes for a job interview is the same way you should not leave your article unattended after writing it. Spend some time editing your document, and this will improve the quality of your business articles.

To start the editing process, read through the entire piece. If possible, read it aloud so you can hear yourself. If something seems to be off in your sentences, it probably is, so make the necessary changes.

Additionally, you can use the feature "Read Aloud Speech" in the review tab of Microsoft Word. This tool is useful and helps identify weak sentences that should be re-arranged or rewritten to improve the flow of a document.

When satisfied with the general flow of your article, check for grammar errors using tools like Grammarly or even Hemingway App.

Benefits of using online editing tools

  • These online editing tools will help improve your grammar and boost readability.
  • They can identify passive voice, which you can then rephrase to active voice.
  • They can rectify incorrect punctuation.
  • They highlight the most repeated words and suggest how to phrase them differently.

Besides that, you can check the effectiveness of the headlines used in your article by using a tool like Coschedule's Headline Analyzer.

In addition, assuming you have a lot of ideas running through your head and can't decide on the appropriate headline to use. Try this tool blog title generator, and you'll get suggestions for the best headlines.

Finally, the last thing to do is check your article's plagiarism level. You can check using a tool like Copyscape. After checking and editing plagiarism, you can now publish your business article.

The editing process may seem time-wasting, but in the end, you will get improved quality in your articles, which will help attract more readers to your page.

What is the importance of articles on a business?

Writing business articles can be very useful for your website in several ways.

Here is how:

  • Builds good relationships with your audience; When you write business stories that are reliable and accurate, you provide valuable information to readers. Your readers will want to contact you through emails or in the comment section for more information. You can then build a good relationship with them.
  • Boosts your SEO rankings; business articles can help increase your SEO rankings when you efficiently optimize keywords in your article.
  • You can pull more leads; you're attracting more traffic when you share your business article online, either on your web page or social media platforms. You can then use this traffic to make your readers subscribe to newsletters or sign up for business news by giving them their email addresses.
  • Increase your sales funnel; when you have gained more traffic to your website, you can increase your sales by convincing readers to check out a product and potentially buy a product or service with you.
  • Become a credible source; If you keep posting reliable business articles of value, with time, you'll attract many readers who will keep coming for more content from you. In the long run, you become a credible source to many.

Mistakes to avoid when writing articles on business communication

  • Don't write a business article without understating your ideal audience.
  • Don't write if you are not clear about your purpose of writing.
  • You should not write content that is biased or has no value to the reader.
  • Don't start without a good structure or a plan.
  • You should not turn your business articles into a sales ground.
  • Don't forget to add CTAs (Calls to action) at the end of your business articles.
  • Don't leave your readers hanging; instead, add CTAs and links to help the reader benefit from other relevant information.
  • Never assume your work is 100% perfect. Proofread keenly to correct mistakes in your articles.
  • Don't forget to use social media networks to promote your content.
  • Don't neglect your subscribers once they sign up for your newsletters or mailing list. Keep them posted.


There it is; How to write business articles and business blogs that sell. Keep these guidelines close to you and check them out when writing business stories for your articles or business blogs. Also, pay close attention to the 10 mistakes to avoid when writing content for your business articles. This will help you avoid mistakes that most business article writers make.

Wiki Pages Creator has the best business article writers for your business articles. If you want to improve your business articles to sell greatly, hire our talented business article writers.

Get in touch here with us for more information. Have fun writing those amazing business articles and business blogs!

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