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Mon May 23 2022


How to get your Wikipedia page approved. Proven tips to get your Wikipedia page created and approved hassle-free.

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6 things to do to ensure that your Wikipedia Page is approved in 2023

In our previous blogs, we discussed how to create a Wikipedia page and the reasons why your Wikipedia page can be declined. However, we haven't talked about what you have to do to ensure your Wiki page gets approved by Wikipedia, and that's simply what we will be discussing today in this blog.

And so, with that said, let's get started!

Tips on how to get your Wikipedia page approved

There are some simple yet clever tips and tricks within any craft that can help you achieve or enhance your chances of getting something. And so, when it comes to creating a Wiki page, there are some tips and tricks you can apply to ensure a quick approval process.

Here are some of those key tips to keep in mind when creating your Wiki page:

1.    Go through Wikipedia page creation guidelines

Before you even move on to creating a Wikipedia account, it is essential that you are aware of all guideline that governs Wikipedia page creation. These guidelines include things like:

The Notability Guidelines: These guidelines instruct writers to ensure that their topic has a certain amount of notability on the internet. For example, if it is a company or a person, they should have a certain level of online presence to be considered notable.

The Conflict-of-Interest Guidelines: These guidelines are basically there to ensure the tone used in all content published on Wikipedia pages is unbiased. Therefore, the content of your writing should not be misleading, only facts, and be neutral. Be sure to check the Wikipedia COI guide to ensure you're on the right track.

The Researched Material: All the information published on Wikipedia has to be facts, which means they have to be verifiable. Therefore, source your content from verifiable sources to improve your chances of getting approved.

Vandalism: Ensure you stay away from this act, as it will make Wikipedia block doors for your account to get approved.

2.    Create a Wikipedia account

Basically, creating a Wikipedia account is like creating a dashboard where you can manage Wikipedia activities. And, in fact, through a Wikipedia account, you can find an option to create a Wikipedia user page. Becoming a registered user of Wikipedia comes with lots of benefits. For example, being a registered user allows you to receive messages about changes made by other users on your articles.

3.    Do thorough research on your topic

The main aim of this step is to ensure that the topic you are going to choose is not already covered. So, how do you do this?

On the Wikipedia search bar, type the topic you want to write on. If the results appear in red, it means the topic has not been covered, and you can write about it. However, if the results appear in blue, the topic is already covered.

4.    Avoid promotional tone content

Wikipedia usually considers content written in a promotional tone to be biased. But why so? Well, this is simply because they are not written in a neutral tone which is recommended for writing Wikipedia pages and articles. Furthermore, this tone violates the COI guidelines.

5.    Use proper formatting and credible sources

Formatting and citation are among the key fundamentals of getting Wikipedia approval. So, start by mapping down the reader's journey, where they will start and end. After that, you can move on to finding credible sources for your content.

Citing your source using credible sources is essential to getting your Wikipedia page approved.

Examples of credible sources are: Newspapers, Journals, published books, court rulings, etc

On the other hand, blogs are far less credible and may not be acceptable. And so don't rely on such external sources.

6.    Proofread your content before submitting

You can't submit content with several grammatical or typing errors because it will quickly get flagged off. Therefore, it is ideal to go through your work when you're done writing thoroughly. Check and remove all grammatical errors.

You can even use applications like Grammarly to help you highlight and remove these errors. After that, you can now submit your article for review.

7.    Submit your draft for review

Once you have proofread and verified everything, submit your draft for review by Wikipedia admins or moderators. After that, your page may either be approved or declined. In case it is declined, you will be given reasons why your Wikipedia draft was declined and areas you would need to improve on so your draft is approved.

Bonus Tips:

Besides the above tips, there are other things you can do or utilize to improve your chances of getting your Wiki page approved.

These things include:

  • Wikipedia Sandbox: This tool allows you to practice composing an article on Wikipedia. Here, you can compose and submit your article to the community of contributors. This community will help evaluate and give feedback on what you can improve on. By doing this, you can avoid lots of mistakes next time and improve your chances of getting Wikip page approval.
  • Make shorter and quality Wikipedia sentence articles: While you may be looking to create the longest Wikipedia page or the longest Wikipedia article, It is always good to keep your sentences short. This will ensure quality Wikipedia sentences and enhance your content's readability, which is vital if you want a compelling professional Wiki page.

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