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Sun Jul 17 2022


Here are the main tips you must have to get yourself listed on Wikipedia and be successful in your field.

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How Do You Get Your Name Listed on Wikipedia?

Getting yourself or your page listed on Wikipedia is great, simply because I can help you build on fame and be successful in your field. However, the entire process of getting your page approved is quite a challenging battle and several key requirements must be met.

Every one of us would love to have a wiki page specifically dedicated to themselves may be to serve our ego or help boost our brand. Well, it doesn't matter what your goal is. The big question is; Is it possible to get listed on Wikipedia?

Well, the answer is, of course, yes. Now on to the next question; How can you get yourself listed on Wikipedia?

Well, let's see!

How Do You Get Yourself Listed on Wikipedia?

By default, you need to meet three critical elements to get a chance of being listed on Wikipedia. So, what are these three critical elements to start with:

a)     Notability: Is the topic notable enough? Or are you notable enough to create your wiki page? To check this, you will have to see how famous you're online. And more importantly, you will have to check all the sources where it talks about you. These sources have to meet the next element.

b)     Verifiable, reliable, and independent sources: Every page needs sources to verify information in it. Therefore, all sources must be independent of the topic; after that, they must be verifiable and reliable. Reliable sources are the ones that are credible and notable, and relevant to that specific topic

c)      Neutrality: For content to be considered to meet encyclopedic style, it has to be neutral. This means the content must be neither positive nor negative about the topic. Neutrality has to be maintained as it is one of Wikipedia's integrity rules.

Now that you know the key requirements to start creating your wiki page, let's move to the next key thing.

Steps to getting yourself listed on Wikipedia

Getting listed on Wikipedia is more of an art than a science, meaning there are things you can do to improve your luck of getting listed. 

So, the steps below show several steps you can take to boost your chances:

1.      Getting referenced by other pages:

One way of improving or boosting your notability status is by getting a reference in other Wikipedia articles. If you have several mentions already, you can find other ways to add more to boost your chances.

2.      Appearing in third-party sources:

Getting mentioned by third-party sources is another way of boosting your notability status. Basically, it doesn't take rocket science to understand that the more you appear in these sources, the more you're notable. A good example of notable sources that you should appear in is media outlets, such as newspapers and magazines. These steps will not only add notability to your status but also improve your legitimacy.

3.      Start with a "stump."

Well, you don't want to be the only one writing a 1000+word Wikipedia article because it will probably get deleted. Starting with a couple of sentences or a single paragraph is the best way to build a quality page. The goal here is to start and hope to get other editors to join in on the writing process.

If you manage to get at least two Wikipedia writers, then you're great.

4.      Ensure multiple user submissions

Getting multiple registered users to contribute to your article writing and editing is a healthy way of creating a credible wiki page. It is crucial to note that you're not the only one Wikipedia administration noticed that you are the only person editing your page; they are likely to flag it for deletion. Therefore, getting contributors on board to help you construct your page is the only way to avoid this.

The Wikipedia community portal is the best place to reach out to some editors to join your project. Another effective way is to hire a Wikipedia editor to work with you.

5.      Ensure to include credible references

Supporting information on your page supports your page, even if it is about you. Therefore, you will have to find credible sources to add as references that verify that the information you just shared is actually facts, not personal opinions.

So, external links to external sources and internal links to other Wikipedia articles related to you.

6.      Inspire an active discussion page

Ensuring multiple users are discussing or engaging in your article's discussion is good. This is simply because good engagements show that the aspects of neutrality and notability are being met.

For example, the existence of multiple viewpoints proves neutrality is being considered. On the other hand, decent engagement proves notability as it shows that people care about that topic.

Bottom Line

In general, all the steps discussed are really influential but do not guarantee that your page will be approved. These are simple tactics and strategies that share to help you improve your chances of getting listed on Wikipedia.

Otherwise, keep in mind that a page getting approved by Wikipedia is basically out of your control. So, leverage all these in the best ways possible to increase your luck.

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