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Mon May 23 2022


Tips on how to make or create a Wiki page for yourself, your brand, your company, or anything else you would fancy.

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How to create a Wiki page for yourself

A Wiki page for yourself or your company is an excellent start towards establishing your brand’s name. And so today, in this post, we will give you a step-by-step guide that will provide information on how to create a Wiki page. Furthermore, we will share tips on how to make the most of each step to stand a better chance of getting approved.

10 steps on how to create a Wiki page for yourself

1.      Check your notability

The first thing you should do even before creating a Wiki page account is to check the guidelines on notability. The leading factor that causes many Wiki pages to get rejected during review is the lack of notability. According to Wikipedia, an organization is notable if it has been the topic of important coverage in independent and reliable secondary sources.


To ensure Wikipedia's notability, sources be credible. Therefore, one has to check off the following:

·        Reliable- content has to be written by a source with an already established credibility, e.g., Books, journalistic or academic sources.

·        Independent- the sources for your content must be Unbiased.

·        Secondary- the sources for any content should include the author’s thinking, analysis, evaluation, or interpretation.


2.      Look for sources to establish notability

Finding a source to establish notability is tough, let alone finding an-all sources or red links. Use the following guidelines to find the best sources.

·        Check your referring domains for non-trivial coverage.

·        Look for sources in books and journals.

·        Check brands mentioned in search of unlinked coverage.


3.      Create a user page

Now that you’ve checked for notability and sources to establish notability, it’s time to create a Wikipedia user page. The only way to become a recognized and trusted member of the Wikipedia community is by having an account that is associated with relevant edits and contributions.


Wikipedia encourages members to communicate with each other and disclose their Conflicts of Interest (COI). This is important because Wikipedia doesn’t recommend you edit your content for obvious reasons. You need to let Wikipedia editors know that you have a COI.


4.      Build your reputation page. Regardless of what your page is about, make an effort to improve Wikipedia generally. Not only is it the right thing to do, but you will also build a good reputation on your account, and your chances of getting COI edits to be approved will increase. The more contributions you make on Wikipedia will show other members how serious you mean business.


5.      Create an outline

You need to focus on creating content for your Wiki page around your credible citations. Content that is based on in-depth citations is definitely better. This will ensure that editors don’t overlook or bury the best citations. It’s recommendable to take inspiration from well-established pages of other organizations.

6.      Draft your Wiki page

Come to think of it, most of the Wiki pages you have come across aren’t your average, typical blog posts and articles. They share some uniqueness that makes them stand out in a way.


Here are five principles to keep in mind as you draft your page:

·        Simplicity- apply simple sentences that are easy to comprehend.

·        Originality- interpret texts from your sources, don’t copy them.

·        Objectivity- stay focused on your business goals.

·        Neutral tone- convey relevant information and not emotions.

·        Verifiability- always cite your sources to support the text in your content.


7.      Format, categorize and cite

Familiarize yourself with how CMS in Wikipedia works. Choose the suitable infobox template for your company’s profile. The next thing is citing, based on your URL or your book’s ISBN, and Wikipedia generates citations for you. Lastly, it’s important that you include categories to connect better your Wiki page with Wikipedia entirely.


8.      Submit for review

Before submitting your page for review, I recommend reading Articles for Deletion (AfD). This will help you see discussions on specific topics, points outlined by Wikipedia editors, and some notable tips. When done polishing your article, you’re ready for the review process.


9.      Adjust and cooperate

The review process normally takes a few hours or a couple of weeks. If your approval declines, make appropriate adjustments and resubmit your page. It might be the Wiki page creation guidelines you didn’t follow correctly; check on that.


10.  Monitor your entries

Once you get approval for your page, things start to get serious. Note that some Wiki pages are more prone to attacks that include bad editing than others. Being a part of open-collaboration projects comes at a cost, which is the price we all have to pay.   


To monitor your Wiki page, check on the box (watch this page) when you submit or publish an article. This way, you’ll get notifications when someone edits to your page.

Final Thoughts

Your journey to owning a Wikip page for yourself or your business begins by successfully following these steps. Remember, if you encounter any issues in the process, you are more than welcome to get professional help from our experts here at Wiki Pages Creator.

Also, if you have questions about creating a Wiki page for an artist or yourself, let us know.

Get ahead of your competitors and establish your brand’s authority with a Wikipedia page

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