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Fri Jul 08 2022


Here is the ultimate guideline that you dearly need to create a Wikipedia page for your favorite artist!

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Create a Wikipedia page for an artist

If you are an artist looking to take your brand to the next level, you should have a Wikipedia page. But first, do you know how to create a Wikipedia account? Well, if not, here is a complete guide on creating a Wikipedia for an artist for you.

We all know how a Wikipedia page can be a hugely influential entity not only for an artist but for other notable people as well. It delivers many benefits, from boosting your online presence, credibility, and brand awareness to simply acting as an advertising tool; Wikipedia has it all.

Furthermore, there is a reason why it appears at the top of search results when you search for almost anything. We can say that Wikipedia is one of the most trusted sites since it delivers the most accurate and reflective information about the 'search query.'   

We will highlight these benefits but first, let's take a look at essential tips on how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist:

5 Tips for creating a Wikipedia for an artist

1.     Check and improve your notability status

Are you a noteworthy artist, or does your brand have enough 'noteworthy' status?

To kick off things, this tip or step is, without a doubt, the most important one as it sets you up for either a successful or failed Wikipedia creation. And so, to ensure you are on the right of Wikipedia guidelines, ensure you have enough actual, physical proof (citation) of your notoriety or, in other words, 'claim to fame.'

It is also important to note that it will be removed if you create a Wikipedia page and fail to back it up with enough evidence. This is according to Wikipedia's "speedy deletion" policy

So, how to ensure you're notable enough?

Well, it's simple, ensure that your page is backed up with reliable sources & evidence. Your information must be from reliable sources, such as notable sites.

Remember, don't use sources like your websites, agents, or gallery PR releases. Instead, choose to back up your information with sources like authentic art journalism and criticism from reputable critics' sites.

2.     Examining other similar artist's pages and articles

Well, you want to create a professional Wikipedia page, right?

So, since that's the case, you will need to study other related artists' pages and articles to learn a thing or two. For example, you can study their articles to see how:

·        They have written their articles,

·        Formatted, and

·        They have used footnotes.

This is an essential step as it gives you a clear idea of how what you should do and how to do it.

3.     Remember you are writing an encyclopedia article

Wikipedia has several rules that guide how to write a Wikipedia article. And so, when creating a Wikipedia for an artist, make sure to check out those rules. 

Generally, keep in mind that you are not writing a blog post or an event press release; rather, you are creating an artist's encyclopedia. Some of the simple and important rules you should follow when writing a Wikipedia article include things like:

·        Only include well-resourced information about an artist

·        The article should be written in a neutral tone

·        Avoid writing your article in a promotional way

·        Should be encyclopedic

Avoid including things like what they favor or your opinions on them. Only share important and valuable information that does not contradict Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

4.     Optimize Your Content

Besides writing Wikipedia-friendly content, you will also need to optimize that content. This process is essential in that it helps that particular page rank high on search results, thus pulling more traffic.

And so, what are the easy and effective ways to do this?

One is indexing some of the most searched key phrases into your content. So, do thorough research and understand some of the most searched terms directly related to the artist. After finding both long tail and short tail keywords, now use them sparingly throughout the content to help optimize it.

Additionally, to add more weightage to search engines regarding artists' pages, Wikipedia allows no-follow links. This technique is fairly effective and boosts the optimization of your Wikipedia page.

5.     Include proper citations and refine your content

Adding credible citations is another important part of creating Wikipedia for an artist. And so, once you're done with writing and formatting content, now add a proper citation. Using Harvard referencing, cite your sources accordingly to give your audience a window to get more information.

After you're done adding a citation, now go ahead and proofread your work. This is an essential process as it helps remove any grammatical or sentence structure errors that might affect your approval.

6.     Submit and be patient

Once everything is done and all set, head over and submit your Wikipedia artist's page via your Wikipedia account. One thing to remember is that the approval process might take time, so be patient.

What are the benefits of creating Wikipedia for an artist?

A Wikipedia page has many benefits to a company and an artist's brand. As such, you can tap these benefits to boost your brand value and increase sales.

Some of the key benefits of having a Wikipedia for an artist include:

·        Having a Wikipedia page adds credibility to the artist thanks to the 'high trust factor' that Wikipedia holds.

·        Improves your brand's visibility as an artist

·        It is a great tool for B2B Marketing

·        Drives more traffic to your social pages or websites

·        Helps improve your off-page SEO, making your brand (artist) relevant and credible.


Well, now that you know how to create a Wikipedia for an artist, it is essential to stress a couple of things. First, learning all Wikipedia policies and guidelines is important to avoid messing things up. Secondly, practice first before you start creating an actual account. Third, if you are not comfortable with the entire process or have limited time, you can hire Wikipedia experts to help with that.

Finally, to help advance your knowledge on this topic, you can also check out our other posts. You can learn more about getting your Wikipedia page approved, how to write a short Wikipedia article and many more…

Get ahead of your competitors and establish your brand’s authority with a Wikipedia page

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