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Fri May 20 2022


Here are the common blogging mistakes, specifically 15 blogging mistakes that writers make, and how one can avoid or fix them

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15 Blogging Mistakes Leading To Failed Blogs: How To Fix Or Avoid Them

When you type the term "What are the common mistakes bloggers make?" in google, thousands of suggestions will pop up. You will be surprised to learn that a lot has been written to help new bloggers be aware of what to expect in blogging and the blogging mistakes to avoid to help them become better bloggers.

When you tell someone about blog writing, they think it's a no-brainer job, and some will say, "I can write a blog without hassle." Okay, no one is undermining your capabilities, but one of the most common blog mistakes many bloggers make is underestimating the job.

When you start creating your blogs, you will realize that running a blog is not as easy as you think. Much time, focus, and dedication are needed, like in any other professional job.

If you want to find out what other blog mistakes you should avoid, whether you are a new blogger or already in the industry, continue reading our post. We will take about 15 blogging mistakes every blogger should avoid and how to fix them.

What are the common mistakes bloggers make?

Anyone can write a blog; however, many will fail to commit to building a successful blog. In most cases, the common mistakes they keep repeating repeatedly hinder writers from writing successful blogs.

But mistakes are part of growth, right? Yeah, sure, the only difference is that you can learn from your own mistakes or learn from other people's mistakes. If you want to start an outstanding blog platform, you will want to eliminate the blog mistakes that will slow down the growth of your business. What better way to learn from other people's mistakes if I don't tell you about them?

Look at the 15 blogging mistakes most bloggers commit without further ado.

15 Blogging mistakes and how to fix or avoid them

Check out the following:

Mistake 1| Creating blogs without researching for Keywords

This is one of the common blogging mistakes. Keywords are your companion if you want to see your blogs reach out to a large audience. Using keywords in the content of the blogs that you are writing will boost your SEO rankings.

Many beginners usually make this mistake when they start their journey of writing blogs. Failure to use the right keywords in your text will not improve your ranking, no matter how well you write your blogs.

Also, most beginners don't know how to research keywords and have no clue what LSI keywords are and their importance in a blog post.

How to avoid/fix this mistake

The reason why you are making this mistake is that you have no idea how to research keywords. Here is our solution to this member of blogging mistakes:

·        Use keyword research tools to help you generate keywords for a specific topic you want to write about.

·        Head up to google and type in the topic you want to write about, browse and see related articles and blogs. This will help you know what to expect, and you will get some ideas on the most searched phrases so that you can write topics that address the most searched terms on google.

Mistake 2| You forget about your audience

The most crucial part before starting a blog is your target audience. Do you want a successful blog that will generate tons of traffic, improves sales, and lead your readers to perform certain actions?

One of the biggest blogging mistakes new bloggers commit is failing to consider what their audience wants and assuming that a blog will perform better if you only write what suits them.

Guess what? You will probably end up stuck writing content that will not get you far. Remember, writing a blog is not always about you; it's more about your audience. They are the ones who will dictate how well you can be successful in this business.

You must write blogs that will resonate with your readers and make them want to take action, such as buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

·        Try to understand and know the pain points of your readers and offer them solutions; For example, if you figure out that your audience is more interested in topics about money, then it is your duty as a blogger to write content that will address this pain point (Money). You will be surprised how engaging your blog platform will be if you write about something that offers a solution to your readers.

Mistake 3| You are using a tone that is too stiff (your writing is not interesting to read)

Another rookie mistake is that most newbie bloggers write blog posts as if they are writing a term paper. I mean, you can't blame them for this, maybe writing a term paper is the only form of writing they know. As you start out in the blogging industry, you will have to learn the writing styles of a blog and an article.

You are not writing to your professor. So, be less formal and more interesting. Most readers will quit reading a post if they find it hard to read and understand. As a blogger, you have to write an engaging and compelling post that will be interesting even to a 5th-grade kid.

How to fix this mistake?

·        Write as if you are talking to them; use a tone that feels more like a one-to-one conversation.

·        Avoid using terminologies that are hard to understand.

·        Use simple and clear sentences.

·        Use transition words more often.

·        Make a joke or two.

Mistake 4| Failure to create an Email List

Failing to have an email list is one of the blogging mistakes that lead to an unsuccessful blog post. Ever wondered why you can't convert your page visitors into active customers? The thing is, you are not using the traffic you generate on your page effectively.

Why is having an email list important for a blogger? Well, if you want to convert your readers into loyal customers, you better come up with an email list to keep them updated about the products or services you offer.

Instead of just letting your readers leave your post after reading it, make them subscribe to a newsletter by signing up using their emails, then later create an email list that will help you engage with them frequently.

Why is an email list important?

·        It helps you convert your traffic into potential product or service buyers.

·        With an email list, you can email your subscribers to notify them about an article you just published on your website.

·        An email list can help you with affiliate marketing.

·        You can easily sell a product or service by emailing your subscribers.

·        An email list is an important marketing funnel.

These points should help you understand the importance of having an email list.

How to avoid/fix the "failure to create an email list" mistake?

·        Create an email list from the beginning, i.e., when you start creating blogs. Don't make the mistake of saying that you will build an email list once you get traffic of 50-100 people daily. Start as early as possible to help you utilize your traffic, no matter how little it is.

·        Create free eBooks and newsletters and let your readers know that they can get them for free once they subscribe by signing up using their emails.

Mistake 5| Your headings and titles are not good enough

You have approximately 15 seconds to impress your readers before deciding whether they can continue reading the entire blog post or leave your page.

The most common blog mistake that new blog writers find themselves trapped in is using headlines and topics that don't capture readers' attention. They also choose long headlines that end up confusing readers on what the article talks about.

So to get your blogs to be successful, you will need to be straightforward and clear to the point.

How to fix these blogging mistakes

·        Use eye-catching headlines and titles that will make your readers want to read the whole writing.

·        Your headlines should not be too long (use not more than 15 words).

·        Brainstorm interesting topics that will be intriguing to read.

Once you nail great topics and headlines, it becomes much easier for you to write blog posts that will be so appealing to both your eyes and the readers as well.

Mistake 6| You are not clear about what you want to achieve through your blog posts

Are you just writing to gain traffic? Of course, being able to generate tons of traffic is a great deal, but what are you really aiming for? I have seen many good bloggers create awesome content that is not tied to a specific goal. Staying true to one's goal will help you remain focused on creating blogs that will grow your business.

Also, let your intention be clear and known to your readers. If you want them to participate in an activity, be clear about that and don't second guess yourself.

A solution to this mistake;

·        Write down the achievements you want to make when starting a blog post. It may be to sell a product/service, increase traffic, or for marketing purposes. Whatever the case, have a goal and be oriented to it.

·        Use call-to-action (CTAs) at the end of your blog post to make your readers take the action you want them to.

·         Be clear in your CTAs to avoid confusing the readers. If you want them to participate in a survey about your business or purchase a product, be clear and precise about it.

Mistake 7| Ignoring the layout of writing a blog

Blog mistakes such as not writing down how you want your blog layout to be has led to many disorderly and poorly organized blog posts.

Although this mistake is common to armature bloggers, any writer should watch out. Failure to have a layout will waste your time and leave you stranded whenever you finish writing about a certain topic. You will be wondering, what topic should I write about next?

If this is how you write your blog posts, I am sure it takes you a lot of time to complete even a single blog.

How to fix this mistake?

·        Before you start writing, draft a layout for your content. This will save you time and help you remain focused.

·        Prepare a number of keywords that you want to use in your blog.

·        Prepare topics that you want to write on and arrange them according to their relevance.

·        Ensure that you use the correct heading format, i.e. (h1, h2, h3, and so on) when covering different topics in your blog.

Mistake 8| Copying content from other websites

Copying content is one of the awful blogging mistakes a blogger can make in their career.

How am I supposed to write on something without copying the sources? Well, you might think it's an easy way out to just copy someone's work into your own. However, sooner or later, you will realize what you are doing is a very dangerous thing.

Many beginners may fail to understand Plagiarism, but when you copy content from other websites which have already been ranked on Google, your content will be highlighted as plagiarized, and you will have breached the copyright policies. 

How do you avoid this rookie mistake?

·        Practice writing unique content without losing meaning. Most writers will copy the content, thinking it's hard to write their own, but it gets easier with time once you start practicing coming up with your own ideas.

·        You can read guides on how to write unique articles. This will help you have a better understanding of the writing game.

Mistake 9| You fail to use statistical data to back you up

As much as you are focusing on writing something interesting to readers, remember you also need to be accurate and make it believable. Arguments written in a blog or an article are more compelling if they are supported with some evidence. Using evidence will help solidify your points and make people want to know more about the facts you are laying out.

So if you fail to use data evidence, your content is not as appealing and accurate as it should be.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

·        Learn to use statistical evidence to back up your claims.

·        Use data to introduce an argument and convince readers of its relevancy.

Mistake 10| Using web hostings that are cheap and of low quality

Here is one of the common blogging mistakes that most, if not all, newbie bloggers make when they are starting out as bloggers.

I get that you are on a low budget but stop spending your money on cheap and low-quality web hosting. You should check for the following when purchasing web hosting:

·        The speed should be pretty good.

·        The storage and bandwidth should be great.

·        It should have good uptime.

·        Should have an automatic feature for backup.

·        It should have awesome support.


·        look for great web hostings that provide the best services at an accommodating price.

Mistake 11| You are not utilizing WordPress

Why should I use WordPress if there are other free Blog platforms? This is a common question for new bloggers who want to create successful blogs without investing money.

Let me show you why this is a problem.

Cons of using other blogger platforms (Not WordPress)

·        You don't actually own your blog.

·        These websites get deleted anytime without warning their bloggers.

·        It is hard to build your own backlinks.

·        Branding yourself as a blogger is difficult.



·        I suggest you get away from blogger platforms to WordPress immediately. In addition, you can move your website from other blog platforms to WordPress without losing your traffic.

Mistake 12| You think your work is done once you finish writing

Most people make blog mistakes because they are lousy and sloppy in giving their blog posts a final touch before publishing them. Something about writing is that an idea might sound fluid and flow nicely in your mind, but you might not get it out as you thought when writing. It's just how it is. After all, we are only humans.


·        Take some quality time to go through and edit your blogs. You have nothing to lose. Fix the grammar errors, flow of sentences, and typos to give your writing a great quality.

Mistake 13| You are not consistent with blogging

Starting a blog is one thing; keeping up the pace is another thing. Often, bloggers stop publishing content once they have generated tons of traffic or achieved a certain goal.

This is one of the huge blogging mistakes that need to be stopped, especially if you are aiming to grow your blogging business for a long time.

You need to keep a good reputation for your business to the public for a successful blogging experience.


·        Come up with a schedule to write and publish blogs frequently.

·        Ensure that you update your subscribers with newsletters either weekly or monthly.

Mistake 14| You are focusing on writing fresh content, and you forget to update the old content

Some blogging mistakes are made because we get caught up with new concepts, such that we forget to reflect on our growth process.

That said, neglecting the old content can negatively affect your SEO ranking and click-through rate. How so? Well, the more your content becomes outdated, the more it becomes irrelevant to the current needs of readers.

For example, if you wrote an OMG blog that used screenshots of @omgblog's Instagram pages from 4 years ago, your content is not as helpful as it was back then. Therefore, when you update those screenshots with the current ones, Google will notice that your content is still valuable, fresh, and of relevance to the current needs of the readers.


·        Regularly update information in your blog post to make it relevant and useful to the current needs. Your old posts are as helpful as your new content. Remember that.

Mistake 15| You are afraid of building a community of your own

Many bloggers, especially beginners, are so scared to build a name for themselves in the community.

They are scared of:

·        Creating groups on social media, wondering if anyone will join them.

·        Starting from 0 members.

·        It will take forever to build a community for my business.


·        Create groups that will help market your blogs. You can create Facebook groups, Linked groups, etc.

·        Keep in mind that you have to start somewhere. Even if it's from 0 members, you can still work your way up the ladder.


Well, I hope this article has been useful in answering your question about "What are the common mistakes bloggers make?". If you are starting as a blog writer, use these 15 blogging mistakes ideas to keep you in check and help you know what to avoid. They can also help in writing a VSP press release.

You will only avoid making blogging mistakes if you are open to learning new ideas and improving your writing style.

Good luck with your blog writing, guys!

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