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Fri May 13 2022


Learn how you can successfully appeal Wikipedia block or rather, request Wikipedia to unblock your Wikipedia account

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How To Appeal A Wikipedia Block - Quick Tips

Has your Wikipedia account been blocked before? Or is your IP address blocked by Wikipedia? Well, Wikipedia administrators block Wikipedia accounts and IP addresses on a routine basis. They do this to reduce Wikipedia page vandalism and inappropriate activity and protect the Wikipedia community. The good news is you can be unblocked and given access to your Wikipedia account. And so, in this post, we will share with you some key steps on how to appeal a Wikipedia block.

With that said, let's begin!

What is a Wikipedia block?

A Wikipedia block; is a measure set up to protect the Wikipedia community from any activity that is harmful to Wikipedia or behaviors that breach the platform's policies. A Wikipedia block stops users from creating, editing, or contributing to Wikipedia pages on the platform.

Reasons why a user can get a Wikipedia block

The reasons for a block on a Wikipedia account can be found on your block log. The common reasons for a Wikipedia block include the following:

  • Editing problems; - if your account has concerns about editing in Wikipedia.
  • Unusual Wikipedia behavior; - if your account has been used in unusual behavior that causes harm to other Wikipedia users.
  • Using a VPN; - accounts that anonymize the proxy services or use VPN can be blocked to protect Wikipedia's security.
  • Vandalizing the systems of Wikipedia; - If a blocked account has used the IP address of your working account, this is considered vandalism, and you can be blocked as well.

You can also check our other blog on why Wikipedia would block your account to get a complete insight into why.

Things to consider before requesting a Wikipedia Unblock

First and foremost, before you even appeal a block on Wikipedia, there are important things to put into consideration before the start of the process.

  • Firstly, make sure you completely understand the probable reasons why Wikipedia would block your account before requesting a Wikipedia Unblock.
  • Remember, being blocked on Wikipedia doesn't necessarily serve as a punishment but as a measure to regulate activities and prevent harmful edits.
  • Read through the policies of Wikipedia once more and cross-check with admin suggestions on your block.
  • To understand further why your Wikipedia account was blocked, you can ask the admins that blocked you to clarify the reasons for their actions.
  • When sending unblock requests to your admins, don't ask questions. Instead, use the comment section to communicate with your admins.

Steps on how to appeal a Wikipedia block

Now that you know what to consider before submitting a request for unblocking a Wikipedia account, it's time to look at the steps to follow on how to appeal a Wikipedia block.

These are the steps to follow one by one:

1. Try editing the sandbox

Firstly, you should check whether your block has expired. If not, you will find a notification as shown below.

Proceed to the next step.

2. Understand the reason(s) why your account was blocked

When blocked, a notice will be left for you showing the reasons why you were blocked. Read and understand these reasons. This is probably the best thing admins can do for you rather than blocking you without giving a reason why.

In some instances, you may be innocent and have followed all the policies of Wikipedia and still get blocked. In this case, remain calm because it is not your fault. Wait for the block template to disappear. , it is probably a glitch in Wikipedia's systems.

Additionally, as a Wikipedia user, it is important to know the difference between blocked and banned Wikipedia accounts. A banned account is usually a restricted account totally banned from Wikipedia. Sending an appeal request from a banned account, there is a high likelihood that admins will reject it. However, consider sending an appeal for banned accounts after a long period after being banned (at least six months). You might stand a chance of being approved again.


3. Read carefully and understand the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia

In most cases, accounts on Wikipedia get blocked/banned because users fail to abide by the regulations set on the platform. These rules are essential; they guide Wikipedia users on the platform. A user should read and understand Wikipedia guidelines to be safer.

When Wikipedia blocks your account, take this chance to learn and comply with the platform's policies. Put more emphasis on the rules you broke, leading to your account being suspended to avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.


4. Read and understand the guide to appealing blocks on Wikipedia

Read through the guide to appealing blocks page to familiarize yourself with the guidelines to follow when appealing for blocks.


5. Head to the talk page and select edit

Next, head to the talk page and click on the edit option. Even if blocked, a user can still click on the "edit" option on the talk page.


6. Under the notification that indicates your block, Input the template "{unblock| reason = Insert your reason to be unblocked}"

In this step, enter a valid reason why you want to be unblocked in this section, "Insert your reason to be unblocked here," as shown in the figure below.


Having a valid reason for unblocking your account will show the following:

  • You are completely aware of why your account was blocked, and you understand the policies you went against. Also, address the reason why you were blocked here.
  • Acknowledge that you broke the rules of Wikipedia and that it's not going to happen again.
  • Provide links to back you as evidence.
  • Show that you are not going to cause further problems in Wikipedia.
  • Show that you are still fully committed to contributing to Wikipedia. 

7. Double-check your reason for unblocking

Ensure you go over the reason why you want Wikipedia to unlock your account. This will help you get rid of any errors and that everything is written as you thought about in your head.


8. Click on the option "Save Page" to post your block appeal

After double-checking your reason, it seems to please you, save the changes.


9. Wait for admins to accept your approval request

When you finish writing your appeal and everything checks out as you want, it's now up to the admins. If you're lucky, your request will be checked in just a couple of minutes. If not, wait for a little longer; it can even take days or a couple of weeks, so be patient.

If the admins accept your appeal request, your account will be unblocked, and you will be able to edit once more. Be careful this time and avoid the activities that got your account blocked in the first place. Also, restriction notices on edits may be sent to you, i.e., "this is your last chance any further misconduct will result in a permanent block." Make sure to watch out keenly this time.

On the other hand, if your request is rejected, your account will stay blocked. Should your request be denied, go over the above steps and submit another appeal. Try to consider the admin's comments and use them in your second appeal.

Bonus Tips: When writing reasons to be unblocked;

  • Briefly provide key information.
  • Stick to the point.
  • Don't make any legal threats.
  • Acknowledge and own up to your mistakes. Don't blame others.
  • Agree to follow the rules and regulations of Wikipedia.

What happens when you request a Wikipedia account unblock?

What happens when you follow the steps of "How to appeal a Wikipedia block" and submit an appeal? Well, when you send a request to unblock your account, a couple of things happen behind the scenes. Let's take a look:

  • Once you save your appeal request on your talk page, automatically, it is grouped into a list that will get the admin's attention.
  • The admins are basically other editors who have no involvement in blocking your account. They will review your editing history, which is logged into the system.
  • The admins reviewing your account will be looking for reasons that led to the blocking of your account. Usually, they compare notes to see whether you broke any of the rules of Wikipedia.
  • The editors reviewing your account may notify the admins who blocked your account for more clarity, and they will put an unblock appeal on hold.
  • The blocking admin will also be consulted to comment if the editors decide to unblock an account. This is called common courtesy.
  • In most cases, a user may find more than one comment made on his block. These is usually the comments made by your reviewers and the blocking admin.
  • The decision to unblock your account is made by the review admins who review an account and consider all points.
  • If thought necessary by the reviewers, a thread may be added to the noticeboard of administrators for any extra comments.
  • In other cases, a request to unblock an account may be forwarded to the Arbitration Committee for further assessment.
  • If the unblock request is accepted by the reviewers, your account will be unblocked, and a response template will be put on your talk page.
  • If your request is denied, the reviewers will send a template with reasons why your appeal was declined.
  • Undetailed or wordy requests may fail to attract the administrator's attention, reducing the chances of reviewing your account. If that's the case, requests may be ruled as "decline stale" if no editors decide to review your account within two weeks.
  • Requests that are precise and straight to the point on the concerns of the blocked account will get the attention of admins quickly.
  • The review process may take hours or days, depending on how the reviewers and the admins work on your account.

What happens when you request to unblock

What really happens when you submit unblock request?

Well, it's pretty straightforward; editors and admins review your account's activity together. They check whether your claims are valid and if it is relevant to Wikipedia's policies.

The reviewers will make a decision after consulting with the block admins whether an account is worthy of being unblocked. Comments of admins are added to the talk page to help a user see where they went wrong and how they can avoid further sanctions.

On the other hand, if a request to unblock an account doesn't satisfy the admins, the appeal will be denied. Admins will send a message showing why a request was declined. In other cases, it might be a serious offense committed by a user. A serious breach of Wikipedia policies may permanently prevent an account from the platform.

How long does a Wikipedia block last?

When the measures to block an account are applied, this is usually done by the admins to protect other users on Wikipedia. Accounts get blocked for bad editing or breaching the guidelines of the network. Sometimes though, an account may be blocked in order to allow discussions such as AfD discussions to take place without any interference. 

The block length is usually dependent on how long the admins think a block should last in order to protect the encyclopedia. In most cases, the standard duration of a block is around 31 hours, while a block on accounts with bad editing may last up to 24 hours.

In addition, a serious breach of Wikipedia's rules and regulations may see an account banned for up to 10 months or even a year. As suggested by Wikipedia: Blocking policy, blocks are imposed on accounts based on disruptions they cause to the network.

How to bypass the Wikipedia block

How can I bypass the Wikipedia block quickly? Should I follow the steps on How to appeal a Wikipedia block? These are some of the commonly asked questions by users. Most Wikipedia users become impatient when they see their accounts blocked. They see the process of unblocking an account to be tough and time-consuming and thus opt for other simple alternatives.

However, the most recommended way to get your account unblocked is by following the instructions laid to you in the block message. Also, if you choose to follow the steps discussed above on "How to appeal a Wikipedia block," chances are you will be successful in your quest.

Here are some unorthodox methods you can use (not recommended):

  • A new IP address; Wikipedia blocks are based on the IP addresses used in accessing the network. A new IP address will help you gain access to Wikipedia.
  • A new User name; You obviously need a new user name that the admins will not detect. Choose a username that is unique and differs from the previous username used.
  • Use different devices: The other way you can access Wikipedia is by using a different device to access the site. The admins of Wikipedia, when trying to stop a user, may use "user-agent" data that your device leaves behind, i.e., digital footprint. There are some software extensions that you can use to disguise and protect your user agent data.

As said earlier, if you are looking to stay in the community of Wikipedia users for a long time, the best way to go by a block is to follow the right steps on how to appeal for a block on Wikipedia. Using unconventional ways to access Wikipedia may result in a permanent ban from the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I create a brand new account instead of sending an appeal?

No, creating a new account instead of sending a request of appeal is going against the policies of Wikipedia on block evasion. Doing so can lead to further restrictions and blocks to your account. To appeal a request in the most acceptable way by Wikipedia, log in to your blocked account under the same IP address to send an appeal request.

Q: I follow all the Wikipedia policies; why did I still get blocked?

In most cases, your account can be blocked if you use websites that share your IP address. Using an ISP or a web accelerator shares your IP addresses unintentionally. Some connections are unsafe, such as using a public WIFI or wireless broadband connection from your mobile device, and can leak your IP address.

Leaked IP addresses lead to many users becoming collateral damage ( blocks intended for other users with who you share the same network range, and as a result, you become affected by the block which wasn't meant for you).

Q: What does it mean when I get the "Indefinitely blocked" notification?

An indefinite block doesn't mean that an account is blocked "forever." It means that the block will last for as long as it is needed for a user to address the issue of the block. In this scenario, a user must send a request to appeal for the block and discuss it in detail with the admins on the issue before being unblocked.


To sum up, on ways how to appeal to a Wikipedia block, the best way to avoid being blocked on Wikipedia is by following the encyclopedia's policies to the very end. Always keep this in mind. However, sometimes you may get a block on your account despite abiding by the rules. In this case, contact the admins so they can clarify the matter.

The common mistake many users make is to panic. Regardless of why your account was blocked, always remain calm and read the message box to see the comments left by the admins.

Also, to successfully send an appeal on Wikipedia, follow the steps discussed on how to appeal a Wikipedia block. Remember to keep the request you send brief and straight to the point so that you can quickly attract the attention of the reviewers and admins.

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